Heart Failure Service

The Weybridge Hospital heart failure nursing team has had to be relocated to Victoria Ward, Woking Community Hospital due to the fire that destroyed the hospital building. 

The nurses are still able to provide a service as clinics were not run from Weybridge Hospital.

If you were due to have a home visit, one of the team will contact you. We are currently arranging for the phone line to be diverted so we can pick up and respond to messages.

If you have an urgent question or concern in the meantime, please email ask.csh@nhs.net and we will respond as quickly as we can.

The community heart failure service provides specialist nursing support for patients with a confirmed diagnosis of heart failure by echocardiogram.

We visit patients in their own homes and work towards reducing hospital admissions. We provide the patient with written and verbal information around the management of heart failure, which includes education around self-management and recognising early signs or symptoms of heart failure or when to seek additional support or advice.

We work with the GP and other community services in the management of patients with heart failure to promote a good quality of life and avoid hospital admissions.