Child Health Clinics

Child Health Clinics and early support

Our child health clinics are an opportunity for parents and carers to access advice and support for themselves and children under 1 year old. You will be seen, usually at home, by a health visitor when your baby is aged from 10-14 days. After that, until your baby is 16 weeks old, you can see us at our Early Weeks Support sessions. The times of these sessions are available from your local clinic or Health Visitor. No appointment is needed you can just drop in.

In addition we offer an appointment when babies are 6 weeks old, usually in clinics, but this can be at home. This is an important opportunity for us to talk with mums about their own emotional health and review baby’s progress, including growth. It is a 15 minute appointment if clinic based, which will be given to you at the new birth visit.

“You have created an environment at the clinic which makes me feel confident to ask questions and have my concerns answered”

Child Health Clinic visitor

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Your health care professional will offer you an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress. Growth will be measured if required, and breastfeeding support and advice offered.

You will need to bring your Personal Child Health Record (Red book), and also nappy/changing equipment, as no nappy waste disposal is available.

If you are concerned about your child's hearing, please contact your health visitor/school nurse or GP.

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