Family Nurse Partnership

The Surrey-wide Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) Programme supports young women aged 19 or under who are expecting their first baby early in pregnancy until their child is two years old. The programme is run by CSH Surrey for the whole of Surrey.

The voluntary programme provides on-going intensive, structured support from specialist nurses. They work closely with the young women to ensure they receive practical health and emotional support and advice for themselves and their babies. The future outcomes for both children and adults are strongly influenced by factors in pregnancy and first years of life, so this programme offers some of the most vulnerable babies and young parents a better chance in life.

100 %

Number of young mothers we expect to support in Surrey through the Family Nurse Partnership in its first year (2014/2015)

The Family Nurse Partnership programme started in 2007 in the UK and is aimed at improving the health and opportunities experienced by disadvantaged young families. The programme is based on over 35 years of research in the USA, in which intensive support was given to first-time mums under the age of 19. The evidence shows that the programme can boost the health of mother and child, and increase life-chances for the family through children being better prepared for education and parents having improved employment prospects. 

The programme works by identifying young mothers-to-be who could benefit at an early stage. A dedicated family nurse will use the programme methods and materials to work with mothers, as well as their partners and other family members, if the mother chooses. Family nurses support them to have a healthy pregnancy, prepare for labour, support their baby to learn and grow as well as to plan their own life goals.

The Family Nurse Partnership programme also offers benefits for close working across the community midwifery and health visiting professions. Experience gained in developing better relationships with families through the programme will help improve the way young families are also supported by wider services.