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Ewell Court Clinic, Ewell Court Avenue, Ewell KT19 0DZ

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I need to...

Check when my appointment is.
Reschedule or cancel an existing appointment

For information on existing appointments, please contact the service directly. Details can be found under either Services for Adults or Services for Children (

Make an appointment

For most of our services you'll need to be referred by a GP, Health or Social care professional. To make a first appointment, please contact the Referrals Management Centre (RMC):

T: 020 8394 3868

The RMC is open 8am -  6pm Monday to Friday.

Refer somebody in my care to one of your services

To make a referral to mid Surrey adult services, please contact the Referrals Management Centre (RMC):

T: 020 8394 3868

To refer to north west Surrey adult services, contact the service directly (a similar 'single point of access' is being developed during 2018 to make referrals into north west Surrey services).

Give you some feedback about the service I received

We're always keen to hear your feedback – whether compliments or concerns, because listening helps us to respond and constantly improve. Visit 'I want great care' to send your feedback online or click here to fill out an online feedback form. Alternatively, you can call or email us on:

T: 01306 646 223  

Make sure you tell us the service your feedback relates to, and when and where your experience was. We'll pass on the compliments to the right people and gladly look into the concerns.

Care Opinion is an independent feedback website where you can leave feedback about the care you have received from any of our services. Visit

You can also give feedback and/or report your concerns to Healthwatch Surrey. Visit

Concerns and Complaints leaflet - find out how we work.

Commissioning Groups

If you work for a commissioning group and have any questions about CSH Surrey or its services.

Call the PA to the Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer on 01372 384 301.

Media Enquiries

If you are a member of the press and need to get in touch with us

Email or call our Communications Manager, Rebecca Jones on::


M: 07714 956 332

General Enquiries

For anything else ...

Call us on and choose from one of the options::

T: 020 8394 3860